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Your partner account is authenticated in one of two ways depending on which image handshake method you are using. Both methods require the use of your 32 character Pop-up Store access key. This allows us to properly identify your partner account when interacting with Pop-up Store.

The following summarizes the authentication methods dending on which image handshake method your application is using:

API Auth Method
Pull API 'access_key' URL parameter
Push API CP-Authorization and CP-ApiKey HTTP headers

Integrating required authentication

1. Locate your Pop-up Store Access Key

  • Login to your admin panel
  • Click on Settings
  • Copy your access key

Access Key

2. Include your access key in the image handshake

When using the Push API:

The following HTTP headers must be present when using the Push Image API.

Header Name Header Value
CP-Authorization basic
CP-ApiKey <_your_api_access_key_>
Auth Headers

When using the Pull API:

The following URL parameters must be present when using the Push Image API.

URL Parameter name URL Parameter value
access_key <_your_api_access_key_>

Example URL: