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This page is intended to provide details on all of the features of your Pop-up Store and admin panel.


Your Pop-up Store emits events via HTML5 pushMessage() calls so that you can listen for events inside the store and handle them within your containing application or site.

Events are emitted as single event string. The events you can listen for are summarized below.

Event name Description Parameters
appPageLoaded--cart Initial store/cart page loaded successfully None
appPageLoaded--checkout User chose a size, frame and edge option and loaded the checkout page successfully None
appPageLoaded--receipt User completed checkout and viewed receipt page None
appOrderComplete User has completed a purchase None
appErrorCouldNotUpdateAttributes Error condition where the attributes for a customer's print could not be updated None
appErrorFatal--camelCasedExceptionMessage Is raised when there's an uncaught javascript exception is thrown that would cause the Pop-up store's JS to cease to function None
userClickedCartContinue User clicked continue from initial cart page None
userClickedShippingContinue User clicked on Continue button on shipping tab None
userClickedShippingMethodContinue User clicked continue on the shipping method tab None
userClickedShippingEdit User clicked the edit button to go back to view/change their shipping info None
userClickedShippingMethodEdit User clicked the edit button to go back to view/change their shipping method None
userSetBillingSameAsShipping User clicked on option to set billing address the same as shipping address None
userSetBillingDifferentFromShipping User set billing address from shipping address None
userChangedBillingCountry User changed billing country from drop down menu None
userChangedShippingCountry User changed shipping country from drop down menu None
userClickedCheckoutComplete User clicked on checkout button to complete checkout None
userChangedProduct User changed product option from drop down menu Product slug (e.g. "S", "FP")
userChangedSize User changed product size option from drop down menu Width & height values
userChangedEdge User changed edge option from drop down menu Edge slug (e.g. WB, BB)
userChangedFrame User changed frame option from drop down menu Frame slug (e.g. 075DW)
userCancelStore User clicked on the close store button None

Create an Event Listener

Reference ID Support

When using the /loader API endpoint, you may provide an optional reference_id string (256 characters maximum) that will be linked to orders placed during that session.

This may be useful if you are using Pop-up Store with multiple applications under a single account, or you wish to include something that corresponds to a property of your application or environment (e.g. a build number or a slug).

This is further documented on our API Endpoints documentation page.

Orders loaded with this value present will appear in your admin panel as shown below:

Reference ID